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This is just too much...

So, Ann Coulter has this new book coming out. I know this because every time I log onto Amazon, I have to see her horrible, smirking face. Apparently it's about how we liberals are not just wrong, but also Godless and probably about how we're all going to hell. Oh, well.

I'm feeling pretty put out about having to look at this woman's face all the time, (and no doubt, once it hits the bookstore, it'll be plastered everywhere at work too. No escaping it.) So, just for the heck of it, I type the phrase 'How to Talk to Ann Coulter if You Must' into Google. And guess what I get? It's just too rich and ironic to believe. Just what is it about right wing nut jobs that they think the law applies only to other people?

Apparently, she's in quite the bit of trouble in Florida where she lives for, get this, voter fraud. Yup. She knowingly voted in the wrong precinct. She could be heading to the big house for up to five years for this, plus all the fines. And taken off the voter roles. It's a third degree felony. She might also be up for charges with tax fraud. Apparently, she took a huge property tax exemption for homeowners that was only for permanent residents on a house that she publically claimed she didn't live in.

All I can say is I hope she get everything that she deserves.

Anyway, Lydia Cornell says a lot about how I feel about Ann Coulter far more eloquently than I could ever hope to. Read this. Interestingly, in retaliation, Ann Coulter published this woman's private phone number and email on the front page of her website, resulting in death threats and hate mail.

okay, that's enough for now.
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